Pls read this before messaging, thanks ♡

Do you support browsers other than Chrome?

We currently only work on Chrome, Edge, & Brave.
We are working on Fluent for Firefox (vote here to be first in line) and on Safari as well (vote here).
We have no plans to support any other browsers right now.

Does Fluent respect my privacy?

Yes. We don't care what you read or where you browse on the web - that's only for you to know. We don't scrape your data, or store what websites you go on, or show you ads. F*** that. We hate companies that do shady things like that, so we built our company to be different. To actually respect your privacy.

We only make money by charging a subscription for people that want to pay us for Fluent PRO. Since we make money the ol' fashioned way, we don't have any incentive to do shady things like collect data on you to sell to advertisers, so we just don't do that & never will.

Do you support my language?

Currently we only work on English websites and help people learn French, Spanish, or Italian.
We'll be releasing more languages soon! To vote on new languages you want to see us support go here.

Are you on mobile?

Not now but we will have a mobile version of Fluent coming out sometime later this year.
It's going to be lit.

I found a translation error with one of the words I've seen

If you see a word that you've verified is translated wrong in the context of the sentence you saw it in, please report the word as incorrect. You can do that by clicking the flag icon when you hover over it.

We're working as hard as we can to make Fluent 100% accurate all the time, but sometimes the computer will make a mistake, by reporting it you help make Fluent better for everyone. Thank you ♡.

I found a bug

First of all, sorry! We're a small team working as fast as we can, but since Fluent works on almost any site on the internet we often run into bugs that we couldn't see on our end.

If you see any please let us know & include the following info:

•   Which browser do you use?
•   Which website did you see the bug on?
•   Describe the bug in as much detail as you can, if you have videos or photos include them please.
•   Was it just once or have you seen this bug more than one?
•   Are you on Windows or Mac?
•   If you know, what specs does your computer have? (ex: 2017 Macbook Pro, 8gb ram)

Do you love me?

Probably, but if install Fluent, then definitely yes.


Contact us

Fluent is still early in development, please send us any feedback you have!
Let us know if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or partnerships in mind!
For new languages or features requests please vote here

To send us a message:
Please click the blue chat icon on the bottom right side of your screen :)

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